Your Water Meter

The dial rotates clockwise as water passes through it. The register increases by one after each complete rotation, indicating 100 cubic feet (CCF), which equals 748 gallons, of water was used. All meters belong to us.

Reading Your Meter

We read your meter once every 28 - 31 days.
If we can't to get a meter reading, we estimate usage based on usage history. We make any necessary adjustments after the next meter reading.

NOTE: Readings provided from our AMR meters are 100% accurate. If a reading is not available, we will estimate your bill based on prior usage.

Water-Filled Meter Boxes

It's ok if they fill with water. Our meter readers carry pumps to remove it.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

All of our meters use automated meter reading (AMR) technology. These meters have a flat disk on top of the meter box that transmits the reading via radio signal to laptop computers that pick up the signal when our staff drive by. These meters can also be read manually.

Keep Your Meter Visible and Accessible

We may need to gather readings, make repairs, or turn the water on/off.

Check your meter for accessibility.
Don’t plant bushes or plants near it
Don’t cover it with pine straw or mulch.