Water Quality Reports

Understanding Water Quality Reports:

MRL -- Minimum Reporting Level
Smallest amount that can be measured by the test instrument. Any "Result" below the MRL is considered Non-Detect, or not present.

MCL -- Minimum Concentration Level
Regulatory limit defining the safe/acceptable amount of a substance.

Result Column:
Amounts shown as <X equal Non-Detect, or not present. Example: <2.0
Bold numbers illustrate a substance found in concentrations above the MRL (substances actually detected.)

mg/L             milligrams per liter, which equals parts per million (ppm)
ng/L              nanograms per liter, which equals parts per trillion (ppt)
umhos/cm   micromhos per centimeter

Monthly Report

This report provides monthly averages for water quality parameters.  
Monthly water quality report
Archive reports

Ad-Hoc Water Quality Reports

We tested our water in response to community concerns about these substances:
    (7/12/17) - Pesticides & herbicides (Report 1)    None found.
    (7/12/17) - Pesticides & herbicides (Report 2)    None found.
(8/02/17) - GenX & PFCs    No GenX found.  PFCs present far below EPA Health Advisory.

Annual Water Quality Report

/ Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
This report tells you where our water comes from and how it’s treated. It also provides a summary of our water quality test results and tells you whether we met all regulatory requirements. Water utilities are required to produce this report each year by July 1. Our report is typically available in May for the prior year's data.

Most recent report (2016)
Archive reports

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