Public System vs. Private Plumbing

Who's Responsible?

We own and operate water mains and sewer lines in the public right of way, everything up to and including the water meter. We are not responsible for private plumbing systems or the service line between the water meter and your home.

Locating Your Shut-Off Valve

In the event of water line break inside your house, you will need to turn off the water supply at the main shut-off valve. Finding and testing the shut-off valve before an emergency can help prevent substantial water damage to your property.

It's typically located in the ground near an outdoor water faucet, in line with your water meter. Make sure this valve is clearly marked, accessible, and that everyone in your home knows where it's located. 

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Optional Water Service Line Protection Program from HomeServe

We've partnered with HomeServe to offer protection plans for your home's exterior water and sewer service lines. More info: 1 (855) 310-6275.

Tips to Prevent Plumbing Problems

Don't drain your cooking grease! Even when you use hot, soapy water, grease will cool and settle out of the water. Over time, this can clog your sewer line. Always dispose of grease safely in the trash can.

During a winter freeze, make sure exposed pipes are insulated and let your faucets drip. This will prevent pipes from bursting, which can cause water damage in your home.