Sewer Emergencies

Sewer Overflows (SSOs)
Sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) occur when wastewater overflows a manhole. Overflows are rare and are most likely to occur after periods of heavy rain when storm water floods the sewer system.  A sewer line blockage or problem with a wastewater pump station can also cause a sewer overflow.

If you see a sewer overflow:

Call (843) 727-6800 to report it ASAP.
Avoid contact with the affected area.
*Because overflows can happen during heavy rainfall, always avoid contact with storm water.

Sewer back-ups

A blockage in your private plumbing system or in our sewer main in the street can cause a sewer back-up.
If you experience wastewater backing up into drains or toilets in your home, contact us (843-727-6800) or a plumber immediately.

Help prevent sewer clogs and back-ups:
  • Know what not to flush.
  • Replace damaged sewer clean-out caps. These white plastic caps cover the access to your home's sewer service line. Make sure it's clearly marked and accessible, and replace it if it's damaged to prevent debris from entering your sewer line.
  • Keep an eye on tree roots. Tree roots can cause damage to your private sewer line.