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Water & Sewer Service Line Protection

We've partnered with HomeServe to offer an optional warranty program for homeowners who may be unaware that they are responsible for their home's water and sewer service lines, which run from the home to the water meter.

HomeServe Services

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HomeServe's Exterior Water Service Line Coverage costs $3.49 per month and includes up to $7,000 of water service line repairs annually by a licensed local plumber. It also includes access to a 24/7 emergency hotline. The Exterior Sewer Line Coverage is $3.99 per month. These water and sewer line coverage costs reflect a 50% discount that only applies for the first year.

HomeServe handles all aspects of the service line coverage, including enrollment, billing, customer service, and repair calls. Learn more about protection plans for your home's exterior water or sewer service line by contacting HomeServe at (855) 310-6275.


Why did Charleston Water System partner with HomeServe?
We often receive calls from customers about water leaks that turn out to be on an exterior water service line.

This partnership not only helps raise awareness about service line responsibility, but it also provides an affordable option from a reputable company.

How did Charleston Water select HomeServe for this partnership?
We invited companies that offer service line warranties to submit a proposal for establishing a partnership program. Three companies submitted proposals. We selected HomeServe based on its product offerings, customer service and quality assurance processes, customer satisfaction, plan for working with local plumbers, and references from other utilities that have similar partnerships with HomeServe.

Do I need a warranty for my home's water or sewer service line?
It is up to you. Some people choose to pay for unplanned expenses out-of-pocket, while others prefer protection plans and extended warranties to avoid large unplanned expenses. We encourage homeowners to consider their individual situation and decide if the service line protection plan is a good fit for them.

The water account is not in my name, so why did I receive a letter from Charleston Water System about this?
The letter was reviewed and approved by CWS staff, but it was mailed by HomeServe. Because state law prohibits us from sharing any customer information with a private company for the purposes of solicitation, HomeServe acquired names and mailing addresses from another source. As a result, the letters may be addressed to someone other than the CWS account holder.

If I sign up for HomeServe, who should I contact for questions or to make a claim?
Contact HomeServe at 1-855-310-6275.