Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Opt-Out Requests

Adopted by the Board of Commissioners; April 27, 2021

In regards to Charleston Water System’s automated meter reading (AMR) system in place currently for over 122,000 Charleston Water System water customers who are billed a monthly volumetric consumption charge, it is the position of the Charleston Water System Board of Commissioners that until further peer-reviewed, credible scientific studies are completed which indicate a causal effect between certain medical/health conditions and the operation of Charleston Water System’s existing AMR system, or such similar systems, no customer will be allowed to opt-out of the Charleston Water System automated meter reading procedure on or after the official date above.

The Charleston Water System Board of Commissioners takes this action following an extensive review of the currently available scientific data and system specifications with respect to its current AMR system as well as current positions taken (on similar powered systems) by the World Health Organization, the US Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and others, which conclude, at this time, that radio frequency emitting systems similar to the AMR system currently used by Charleston Water System (with the defined radio frequencies and power outputs employed) do not appear to adversely affect human health and pose extremely minimal risks as compared to all other radio frequency sources in today’s modern society, including cell phones, Wi-Fi systems, remote controls, microwaves, etc. commonly found in homes and businesses.

Charleston Water System’s investment in its current AMR system allows for extreme efficiencies in collecting system-wide customer usage data, in reducing meter re-reads and errors and overall in helping to reduce long-term operational costs to its rate-payers via this modern technology. As such, the Commissioners believe it is in its best interest to continue to utilize this highly efficient and effective technology for the foreseeable future.