Fire Sprinkler Standpipe Flow & Pressure Test

Important information for Fire Sprinkler Contractors: please read letter here.

CWS provides temporary water use for Fire Sprinkler Standpipe Flow and Pressure Tests, that are required to be performed on buildings within CWS' jurisdiction. An approved application and $500 fee are required. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Prior to scheduling a Fire Sprinkler Standpipe Flow and Pressure Test, and use of a CWS fire hydrant for temporary use, please notify the Cross Connection Control Department Program Manager, and submit the application to
  2. We will respond to your application request with an invoice for you to pay the $500 fee. Once payment is received the test can be scheduled with one of our inspectors. We require three days advance notice for scheduling.
  3. The $500 fee is a one-time expense required for each building being tested. The CWS Inspector will be available until a passing test result is achieved.

Download the application here.

For any questions please call John Watkins, Cross Connection Control Program Manager at (843) 727-7216 or