Rewards and Recognition Program

This program acknowledges permitted industrial usersSample Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Award

who meet or exceed wastewater discharge permit requirements.

Meeting effluent quality standards requires more than just a properly designed, operated and maintained treatment system. Award winners go beyond meeting requirements by devoting significant time and attention to self-monitoring and reporting requirements, carefully designing a pollution prevention strategy, training staff, and encouraging active participation throughout the organization.

Award Criteria

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Commitment to Compliance

The Silver Award is given to an individual facility that during the calendar year has:

  • had an active industrial wastewater discharge permit each month
  • has discharged industrial wastewater at least three months
  • met all permit sampling and reporting requirements
  • not had any pollutant discharge that causes a pass through, interference or significantly negative effect on the wastewater collection or treatment system
  • not had any accidental or slug discharge to the CWS sanitary sewer system
  • had no CWS-issued violations (e.g., code, permit, discharge) or other actions (e.g., final notices, fines, enforcement) issued to the permitted facility.
  • not been in Significant Non-compliance status

2022 Award Recipients

Thanks to our 2022 recipients for working with our program to protect public health and enhance the environment.


  • AT&T Services, Inc
  • Republic Services, Inc. - Pepperhill Landfill