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1. May a vendor see copies of bids prior to award? If so, where?
2. What are the most frequently considered factors involved in determining a responsive bid and a responsible bidder?
3. Can a stipulation of "all or none" on behalf of the vendor for his materials lead to a disqualification of the bid?
4. When is resident preference applicable?
5. May a vendor call and ask to review the contract file and request information about an award?
6. Does the Commission have special authorization purchases?
7. Who manages surplus property?
8. I have a question about surplus property. Who should I talk to?
9. What should I do first if I wish to bid on Commission business?
10. What happens if I can only bid on part of the items in an IFB?
11. How can I get my product approved?
12. May I bid if I don't handle the brand listed on the IFB?
13. How do I get a copy of Charleston Water System's 2015 W-9 form?