Why did Charleston Water System partner with HomeServe?
We often receive calls from customers about water leaks that turn out to be on an exterior water service line. We find that many customers do not realize the water and sewer pipes in their yard are part of their private plumbing system and that they are responsible for any repairs, which can be expensive.

To address this, we decided to provide customers with an option for avoiding unexpected repair costs by offering an affordable warranty option for water service lines. Since establishing our own program was not feasible, we decided to partner with a company to provide this service.

After a rigorous selection process that included a thorough review of HomeServe’s protection plan terms, business practices, and customer satisfaction, we decided to partner with HomeServe.

This partnership not only helps raise awareness about service line responsibility, but it also provides an affordable option from a reputable company.

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1. Why did Charleston Water System partner with HomeServe?
2. How did Charleston Water select HomeServe for this partnership?
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