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Fastrack Request Form

  1. Charleston Water System offers property managers the option to maintain water service in between tenants for up to 28 days of service with less then 4 Ccf (2,992 gallons) of water usage for a flat rate fee. The attached form can be used to easily submit turn-on and shut-off requests.
  2. Type of Turn-on Request:*

    Property Manager Plan: Origination Fees - 28 Calendar Days - Less than 4 CCF

    Standard Service: Origination Fees - Monthly Billing - Customer must request disconnect of service

  3. Please note: 1 business day notice required. Requests not available weekends or holidays.
  4. I Agree That:
    • All faucets and valves, inside and outside, on the property are turned off. The stop and waste valves are turned off and the electricity to the hot water heater is turned off.
    • I understand that Charleston Water System does not make appointments and I will accept full responsibility for the property if Charleston Water System turns on the water service, and leaves the service on when I am not present.
    • I understand that when the serviceman turns on the water at the above service location, if he observes continual movement of water through the meter he will immediately turn the water off and leave the property.
    • I understand it will be my responsibility to contact Charleston Water System to request a return visit to the property.
    • I understand Charleston Water System will add a Return Visit Fee for each additional visit I request.
    • I will be billed according to the Charleston Water System current rates for water and sewer once my usages reaches 4 CCF of water even if I still fall within the Property Management Plan service time.
    • If I've requested Standard Service, I am responsible for contacting Charleston Water System if requiring a disconnection of my water service.
  5. Agreement:*
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