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Operation Round-up

  1. Our Operation Round-Up program gives customers the opportunity to support water-related charitable causes through their monthly water bill. When you sign up, we'll round up your water bill to the nearest dollar and donate the round-up amount to the Good Neighbor Program or Water Mission. The entire amount you donate goes directly to the charity you choose.
  2. Yes! I want to participate in Operation Round-up!
    By selecting an organization below, I authorize Charleston Water System to round up my future bills to the nearest dollar.
  3. Operation Round-up*
    Please select the organization you would like your round-up donation to benefit by checking the appropriate box below. Please select only 1 box.
  4. Thank you for your participation in Operation Round-up!
    Your selection will be processed and reflected on your next bill. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 843.727.6800 or
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