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Community Outreach

  1. Speaker Request

    We'll gladly visit your school or community group and we'll tailor our talk to your interests.

  1. Water Buffalo / Water Wagon Request Form

    Charleston Water System offers the Water Wagon and Water Buffaloes free of charge for community events that meet our criteria, as... More…

Contact Us

  1. Request for Public Records

    Complete this form to request copies of public records under the SC Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

  1. Tort Damage Claim

    Submit a damage claim.

Customer Service

  1. Document Request

    Used for the request of Paid in Full letters, Responsibility Date letters, and Letters of Credit.

  2. Leak Adjustment Request

    Please use this form to submit a leak adjustment request. Leak adjustments are given for sewer charges only on qualifying leaks where... More…

  1. Fastrack Request Form

    Charleston Water System offers property managers the option to maintain water service in between tenants for up to 28 days of service... More…

  2. Operation Round-up

    Our Operation Round-Up program gives customers the opportunity to support water-related charitable causes through their monthly water... More…

Engineering and Construction

  1. Hydrostatic Flow Test Request

    Flow tests are performed upon request for a $250 fee.

  2. Water/Sewer Map Request

    Please complete the form below to request a map of the water distribution system and/or wastewater collection system near a property.... More…

  1. Request for Service Availability Letter

    Use this form to request a water/sewer availability letter from Charleston Water System. Charleston and Berkeley Counties require an... More…


  1. Site Feedback

    Submit feedback about this web site, including problems and suggestions.


  1. Vendor Application

    Complete this form to become a registered vendor with Charleston Water System.